and Realization
of an animated
3D Character
This is the moment where everything I've learned in my studies in recent years comes together. I can not stress enough how indescribable that feels :)
The topic of my bachelor thesis is:
Conception and realization of an animated 3D Character.
I want to cover all aspects that are necessary for this. Starting with the concept, scribbles, concept design, modeling, shading, rigging, animation, lighting, storytelling and finally rendering

Teaser: Bachelorthesis

Bachelor thesis as PDF

Animation: Bees

Animation: Slingshot

Animation: Turntable

This is the first test animation I made to try out my Rig. It's good enough for basic animation but lags some facial expressions. In the following clip the facial features are already more mature.

In this clip I only tested facial animations. To achieve natural animations, I replaced the previously used bone deformations with blend shapes. These are still controlled by bones, but are inherently limited.

Viewport render of the same animation above.

Viewport render of the facial rig and animation controllers.

This real life footage is from my fellow students Eric and Michael. I'll be posting the final result soon.

Character Breakdown